Yijie Zhu

The One

Taking exams is hard.
Aspiring to a top university is hard.
Competing with peers is hard.
Finding a job is hard.
Getting married is hard.
Supporting elder parents is hard.
Being alone is hard.

So we label ourselves as “80s, 90s”, as “the only child” generation.

So we are relieved.
If there’s a problem, it would be a generation’s problem;
it would be dealt with by a generation.
We are not alone in this fight and struggle.
We share this “aloneness” with almost 200 million other people.
200 million “only child”.

This project is not about the only-child.
Rather, it is about being an only-child.

Fredric Jameson Gallery
On View Mar 4 – Apr 4
Reception: Mar 4, 6:00pm

Full Frame Theater
Screening: Mar 22, 6:00pm
Encore Screening: Mar 31, 8:00pm